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Alarms are the right security solution when it comes to home security in Fresno. Would you want to leave your family safety to chance? If you like to dramatically increase the odds of having your home broken into, prevent fires, or floods then get security alarm systems. But not only a security alarm system buy a security alarm sytem from Haven’s For Total Security, Inc. Why you ask?

Haven’s For Total Security, Inc Alarms division has experienced operators that can help install your home Security alarm system professionally. They install both none-wireless and wireless alarm systems.

Residential and Commercial Alarms and CCTV

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While you are at it, do you also need home monitoring service. Home alarm monitoring service needs are on the rise for both residential alarms and business alarms. According to the National Associations of Shoplifting Prevention puts stolen goods from retailers at a cost of $10 billion each year. As a result of this, Home security alarms and CCTV has become the faster growing segment of the security industry.

Haven’s For Total Security, Inc, is a locally owned and operated security business for more than 50 years offering security alarms and services for the residential and commercial markets. Haven believes in helping local community thrive by keeping jobs and business here in Fresno and the Greater Central Valley Area. Please contact our sales rep for a quote today and find out how you can keep you and your family safe while at the same time helping to support our Valley!

Are you in need of an alarm system for home protection? House alarm systems keep you and your family safe and secure.  Protect your home with a security alarm or alarm systems. A home alarm such as a burglar alarm can protect your house from unwanted intruders.

Home alarms or home alarm systems can come in the form of not just an alarm or but can be combined with a CCTV System.  These home monitoring systems combined will provide you with the utmost security that will deter any intruder.

There are many home alarm companies that manufacture alarms. Honeywell is among some of the best brand name alarm system in the market. Get a Brand name Alarm system installed and we’ll help monitor your alarm system for you.

Home Security Monitoring
So you already have a home alarm system installed. Do you need a home monitoring system? Take advantage of our alarm monitoring service which is economical and convenient. With home alarm monitoring, our service center provides home monitoring that will call to notify you in case there is a trigger in your alarm system, and will check if it was you. If not, they will contact the local police department to investigate the situation.

Home Monitoring is a valuable service to your security needs.   Please contact us today to find out how we can secure your home or business.


Who will be coming out to install my new alarm system?

  • Would you rather work with a company that has no physical address or work with a company that has been in the same permanant location for over 30 years?

  • Are you looking for a company who will take days to respond because the don't have a local office in your area or are you looking for a company that's in town and there when you need them?

  • Do you want to deal with a "Fly by Night" unlicensed company or a company that has been licensed for 25 years? (C7,C10, ACO, LCO, Contractors License) Verify a license.
  • Do you want to deal with a company that is going to subcontract the job out to another company at an extra cost to you or deal with qualified alarm installers without the additional cost?

  • Is the equipment they offer leased to me or will I own it outright?

  • Will the alarm company provide a warranty?

Would you like somebody who offers you the peace of mind your looking for? Someone who has their own licensed installers, a local showroom and a knowledgeable sales staff that will guide you in the decision to protect your home. Are you looking for someone who has been in business for over 30 years? If so then you have come to the right place. We have information on Alarms, CCTV, and Access Control to protect your home or business!

Find out more by visiting Fresno's oldest full service security company!

security safety fresno, ca alarms alarm monitoring

security safety fresno, ca alarms alarm monitoring
security safety fresno, ca alarms alarm monitoring

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